TSMC 台积电Fab18破土开工,Phase 1计划2020年初开始量产
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台积电26日南部科学工业园区举行了Fab 18的破土动工仪式。Fab 18将成为台积电在台湾的第四个12寸 GigaFab,将负责5nm制程的生产。


台积电计划于2019Q1建成Phase 1并开始安装设备,2020年初开始量产;

而Phase 2将于2018Q3开始建造,也在2020年投入量产;

Phase 3建造最晚,2019Q3开建,2021年开始量产。

台积电3nm的生产设施也会在Fab 18建造。

全部建成投产后,Fab 18预计年产12寸晶圆超过100万,提供4000个岗位。


台积电董事长张忠谋说,台积电对5nm的投入大约在7000亿新台币,为Fab 18的总投资将超过新台币5000亿。


TSMC Breaks Ground on Fab 18 in Southern Taiwan Science Park

Continues Investment in Taiwan with Advanced 5 Nanometer Process
Issued by: TSMC

Issued on: 2018/01/26

Tainan, Taiwan, R.O.C., Jan. 26, 2018 - TSMC today held a groundbreaking ceremony for its Fab 18, Phase 1 facility at the Southern Taiwan Science Park. Led by Chairman Dr. Morris Chang, the event demonstrates TSMC’s ongoing commitment to investing in Taiwan as well as to environmental sustainability, and marks another milestone in TSMC’s 30-year history and its competitive advantage in technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, and customer trust.

TSMC’s Fab 18 will be its fourth 12-inch GigaFab® in Taiwan and is scheduled for production of the advanced 5 nanometer process.

Following today’s groundbreaking , the Company plans to complete construction of Phase 1 and begin equipment move-in in the first quarter of 2019, with volume production in early 2020. Phase 2 will start construction in third quarter 2018 and also enter volume production in 2020, while Phase 3 construction is scheduled for third quarter 2019 for volume production in 2021. Once all three phases enter production, the facility’s estimated annual capacity will exceed one million 12-inch wafers, providing 4,000 high-quality jobs and becoming another bastion of TSMC’s manufacturing excellence.

“TSMC’s Fab 18 represents three important commitments from our company: our commitment to future growth, our commitment to continue moving technology forward, and our commitment to Taiwan,” said Chairman Dr. Morris Chang. “Our estimated investment in 5-nanometer technology is approximately NT$700 billion, and total investment in Fab 18 will exceed NT$500 billion.”

TSMC currently employs more than 10,000 people in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, and once Phases 1,2, and 3 enter volume production, more than 14,000 TSMC employees will be living and working in the Tainan area. TSMC hopes the multiplier effect of the jobs and economic value created by the Company and its supply chain will bring prosperity to Tainan and further underscore the Company’s value to society.

In addition, TSMC will continue applying its high standards of green fab design to Fab 18, with comprehensive measures for energy saving, water conservation, pollution prevention and waste reduction. The design includes an ecological green space, which both preserves habitats of native species and provides a pleasant environment.

The construction of Fab 18 in the Southern Taiwan Science Park is a key part of TSMC’s commitment to expanding investment in Taiwan, and the Company plans to build its 3-nanometer production facilities here as well. TSMC thanks the Taiwan government for its support in access to water, power, land, and other resources, enabling the Company to provide global service from Taiwan and lead its supply chain towards world-class performance. TSMC will continue its endeavor to create high value-added growth opportunities for both the Company and Taiwan.

Fab 18 Basic Information:

● Lot Size: 42 hectares

● Total Floor Area: 950,000 square meters

● Total Cleanroom Area: Over 160,000 square meters (approx. 25 standard soccer fields)
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