【Intel 2016-2018移动平台路线图曝光 - 18年Q2 Coffe Lake 标压六核/低压四核】Intel 2016-2018 Roadmap Reveals 14nm Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and 10nm Cannonlake Processors
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Intel's 14nm+ is the most advanced process architecture available in the industry.

【Intel 14nm+依然是目前业界最先进制程】

Intel’s latest 2016-2018 roadmap detailing the next generation processors for mobility platform has been leaked out. Slides pertaining the Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Cannonlake processors were leaked out by the community forums atAnandtech. A lot of juicy details and specific time points for theses processors have been detailed in the roadmap.

【Intel最新的2016-2018移动平台路线图曝光,包括了Kaby Lake,Coffee Lake以及Cannonlake,路线图中有很多值得探究的细节。】

Intel 2016-2018 Roadmap Leaks Out – Details Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Cannonlake Processors

【Intel 2016-2018移动平台路线图曝光 - Kaby Lake,Coffee Lake以及Cannonlake】

We have already learnt that Intel has faced delays with their process node roadmap which led them to delay specific lineups. Intel has also upgraded their Tick Tock strategy to PAO (Process-Architecture-Optimization) leading to a three year cadence.

This allows Intel’s to implement further optimizations and architectural improvements to their existing process nodes rather than moving to a new process every two years. Intel is offering consumers three four different product lines based on 14nm. These include Broadwell, Skylake, the upcoming Kaby Lake and 2017’s Coffee Lake.

【由于制程进展缓慢,Intel将Tick Tock节奏放缓为现在的制程-架构-优化的PAO三步走,在14nm节点上将带来4条产品线:Broadwell, Skylake, 即将到来的 Kaby Lake 和 2018年的Coffee Lake.】



All four processor lines are based on the 14nm process which has been updated significantly to offer technical edge over competitors. With Skylake launched, eyes are now on Kaby Lake which was recently introduced on mobility platforms. Kaby Lake-Y and Kaby Lake-U series has already been launched. So let’s take a detailed look.

【在Skylake已经发布的现在,下代的Kaby Lake备受关注,Kaby Lake-Y 和 Kaby Lake-U已经发布,我们来看细节。】

Kaby Lake 2016-2017 Roadmap

【Kaby Lake 2016-2017路线图】


Intel Kaby Lake processors are based on 14nm process node. These processors feature a refined architecture that has received much of of its DNA base from Skylake. The Kaby Lake-Y (Core M) series is offered in 4.5W SOC designs with GT2 level graphics chips The Kaby Lake-U series have also been introduced and come in 15W and 28W design with the latter available with GT3e graphics chips. The “e” denoting the embedded DRAM cache.

【Kaby Lake基于14nm制程,架构基因来自于Skylake。Kaby Laky Y系列功耗4.5W,GT2核显,KabyLake U系列有15W和28W带GT3e核显的选择。】

Kaby Lake-H is designed for high-performance notebooks and comes in 45W package. These aren’t full SOC designs and don’t do anything beyond GT2 graphics but are Quad core designs with good performance at hand.

【Kaby Lake-H将会是45W的高性能版本,GT2核显,四核设计】

Cannonlake 2017-2018 Roadmap

【Cannonlake 2017-2018路线图】

The Cannonlake processors would be Intel’s first architecture designed on the 10nm node. Available in Q4 2017, these chips will first be aimed at ultra low-TDP and ultra-low power platforms. The Cannonlake-Y series would feature 5.2W TDP, a slight increase over current 14nm processors. The Cannonlake-U series will also hit market during the same time and feature 15W SKUs.


Both series will come in BGA package with the PCH embedded on the die itself, fulfilling the SOC standards. The chips will also include GT2 graphics. The architecture would be updated and 10nm would allow for faster clocks to be set on these chips for increased graphics performance.


Coffee Lake 2018 Roadmap

【Coffee Lake 2018路线图】



Coffee Lake is an intermediate solution that’s designed to compensate the yields of Intel’s 10nm process for the mission-crucial market. Coffee Lake will be offered only on H and U series chips.. The Coffee Lake U-Series will be available in Q2 2018 in quad core designs with GT3e graphics chips. The Coffee Lake-H series are the true performance parts featuring up to 6 cores.

【Coffee Lake是Intel为了补偿10nm制程初期高性能产品缺席以及产能不足而拿出的解决办法。Coffee Lake只会有H和U系列,CoffeeLake U系将会带来四核设计,配备GT3e核显。CoffeeLake H系将只有6核。

This will be the first time Intel would up the core count of their mainstream mobility processors. Available only in hexa-core models, the Coffee Lake-H series will feature 45W TDP along with GT2 graphics chips. It is expected that Intel would also launch desktop series based on the Coffee Lake architecture for their mainstream family, bringing the same high-core variants to gaming PCs.

【这是Intel这么多年来首次增加主流移动处理器的核心数。CoffeeLake-H系将只有6核型号,45W TDP,GT2核显。预计Intel也将在同时发布CoffeeLake的桌面版,将主流桌面平台的核心数也增加到六核。】



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