【AMD Zen架构Naples处理器将有32核64线程】AMD's Naples Zen has 32 cores
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Exclusive: Server chip with 64 threads arriving in 2017


Fudzilla has scored some exclusive details about the coming AMD Zen chip that will have as much as 32 cores, 64 threads and more L3 cache than you can poke a stick at.

Fudzilla搞到了一些关于AMD Zen处理器的独家新闻:Zen将有32核心,64线程以及更多L3缓存。】

Codenamed Naples, the chip uses the Zen architecture. Each Zen core has its own dedicated 512kb cache. A cluster [shurely that should be cloister.ed] of Zen cores shares a 8MB L3 cache which makes the total amount of L3 shared cache 64MB. This is a big chip and of course there will be a 16 core variant.


This will be a 14nm FinFET product manufactured in GlobalFoundries and supporting the X86 instruction set. Naples has eight independent memory channels and up to 128 lanes of gen 3 PCIe.  This  makes it suitable for fast NVMO memory controllers and drives. Naples also support up to 32 SATA or NVME drives.

【Naples将会采用GF 14nm FinFET制造,支持X86指令集。【这不废话】Naples拥有八通道内存,最多128条PCIe3.0。这让它与高速NVMO内存控制器和存储十分般配。Naples也支持最多32个SATA或NVME存储】

If you like the fast network interface, Naples supports 16x10GbE and the controller is integrated, probably in the chipset. Naples is using SP3 LGA server socket.

【如果你想要高速网络接口,Naples支持16个万兆网卡,并且控制器是集成的,可能集成在芯片组内。Naples使用SP3 LGA 服务器接口。】

 The first Zen based server / enterprise products will range between a modest 35W TDP to a maximum of 180W TDP for the fastest ones.


There will be dual, quad, sixteen and thirty-two core server versions of Zen, arriving at different times. Most of them will launch in 2017 with a  possibility of very late 2016 introduction.


It is another one of those Fudzilla told you so moments. We have already revealed a few Zen based products last year. The Zen chip with Greenland / Vega HBM2 powered GPU with HSA support will come too, but much later. 


Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO  told Fudzilla that the desktop version will come first, followed by server, notebook and finally embedded. If that 40 percent IPC happens to be across more than just a single task, AMD has a chance of giving Intel a run for its money.  

AMD CEO苏博士告诉我们,桌面版将会第一个发布,然后是服务器,笔记本,最后是嵌入式。如果承诺的40%的IPC提升不再是某个跑分项目的成绩提升,AMD的确有机会和Intel同台对抗。】

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